by FIRE SCALE March 21, 2022 2 min read


Lemon Popperz


Super Dope x Fear of Boof x Hi Tech


Ted’s Budz




Pledge Floor Cleaner, Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Jelly Crepe, Sugared Fabric Softener.


Med/small-sized nug selection. Stacked with silky trichromes both inside and out. Humidity is a perfect medium between vaping and combustion. Healthy bud. B+


Dry Pull: Oleo Saccharum

Smoke: Lemon Curd, Vanilla Gas, Heavy Cream, Mango Dough.

Vapor: Malted Lemonhead, Delicate Pine, light notes of Tangerine and Orange.


Medium Strength – Heavy eyelids, but clear mind. Euphoric body tingles without any couch lock symptoms. Calm, yet energetic. For me, closer to a 50/50 hybrid that keeps me uplifted and creative. Great smoke for anytime of day, whether you gotta get shit done or not.


Lemon Popperz marks the second offering as part of the Super Hentai series from SUPERDOPE. Along with Cherry Popperz, these have become an instant hit, selling out within days of hitting the shelves.

According to my colleague, @ZeroFuxTheCannabisCoinnoisseur, this flower is a phenotype of Gelonade. But don’t just write this off as the Gelonade you’ve tried from Connected… this one is a bit different. Let’s dig in.

For starters, on the nose Lemon Popperz is much creamier and balanced than it’s predecessor. The lemon floor cleaner is still dominant up front, but don’t expect nose-singeing gasoline. Instead, I get mixed citrus peel, dryer sheet, shaved lemon rind, all wrapped up in a powdered sugar pastry – like some kind of exotic crepe.

Usually breaking open the bud in half exposes any weaknesses, but as noted above, this herb is totally covered inside and out with crystals. I wish the humidity had a few more percentage points behind it, but I can’t complain, this is a great cure.

Just as creamy on the palate as it on the nose. It’s like smoking a lemon dessert, with a brush of vanilla gas to keep it all together. Lingering on the tail end of the exhale is a doughy mango flesh terp that is as unique and cravable as you can imagine.

The dry pull is filled with citrus and sugar, and reminds me of the aroma process while making oleo saccharum with ruby red grapefruit, lime, and orange.

Vapor is enjoyable and delicate, but doesn’t provide any new and noteworthy takeaways like the finish of Mango dough I found during combustion. Still, this is AAA material for low temps, as some of these subtle citrus notes tend to get blasted away in a joint or bong.

So overall, this is a definite winner, and totally deserving of all the hype. If you want to try an ultra creamy, balanced version of Gelonade that doesn’t rip your face off with fuel then this is definitely worth a pickup. I can’t wait to see what SUPERDOPE brings out next.

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