by FIRE SCALE March 21, 2022 2 min read

Strain Name:

Cherry Popperz


Super Dope x Fear of Boof x Hi Tech


Ted’s Budz


Lemon Cherry Gelato


Cherry Smelly Marker, Ethyl Acetate, Mint, Black Licorice, Hint of Cheesy Musk.


Med-sized nugs. Frosty and fresh.  A little dry on the cure my taste, but perfect for jays and vapes.


Smoke: Cream, Gas, Stone Fruit, Envelope Sealer, lingering Spicy Rubber.

Vapor: Cherry-scented dryer sheet lemonade, lingering mentholated linen.


Med/Heavy Strength – Instant euphoric head change, muscle relief from neck to lower back. Slightly energized and deadly focused.


I’m a sucker for clever themed packaging and this Cherry Popperz by Super Dope just takes the whole freakin’ cake. My pack was enveloped by a “nudie mag” style sleeve with 8-bit lemons, cherries and candy and the words “Press Start To Continue” paying homage to classic arcade games like Pac Man. Inside the plastic is a super risqué, yet playful mylar – NSFW to say the least – that would make any neckbeard sweat for this Waifu.

Don’t write off Cherry Popperz as just another Lemon Cherry Gelato style pheno, as this one delivers some unique properties that separate it from the pack.

To start, the nose pushes the cherry-scented marker center stage while lemon floor cleaner is completely absent. Nail polish remover dances against a dash of spearmint while the faintest hint of old-fashioned black licorice conjoins with a familiar rubber-like Gelato.

While other LCG’s turn into a powdery dust on the breakdown, this holds firm and breaks down into tightly bound balls between my fingertips. A deep, royal purple hue is revealed on the underside of the leaves near the stem.

Via combustion, this is the most creamy fruit-forward smoke that I’ve had possibly ever. Instead of Icee syrup or grenadine, expect something like Chobani with black cherries at the bottom. There’s a drop of gas that quickly makes way for the distinctive taste of envelope sealer which eventually develops into a pepper-like rubber that’s been gently melt down.

Vapor brings delivers more citric acid, and hardly any cream. It’s flavors are more similar to a cherry lemonade cousin of Blue Dream, with a cooling Ricola lozenge effect that lingers for minutes. Quite impressive.

Fantastic flower all around, this is definitely one of my top strains of the year, no doubt. From the concept and execution of the art design and packaging to the impeccable quality of the flower this one is definitely one to grab.

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