by Bonafide CA June 30, 2022 2 min read


Melted Sherb


Cookies x Traditional

Gelato 41 x Sunset Sherbet
Cookies x Traditional Melted Sherb Bonafide 1130

Musky Fruit Roll Up, Fabric Softener, Feral backend, Minty Pepper Jam core. Vol. 5


Small/Med-sized nugs made up the 1/8th, pretty poor selection. Humidity is great, as the kiefy exterior keep in tact on the breakdown. Leaves a strong scent behind on the fingers. Trim has a couple bits that lead me to believe this might be machine trimmed. Grade β€œB-β€œ


Smoke: Baseball Glove, Peppery Cheez Wiz, Tart Gas, Tennis Ball & Red Twizzlers finish. Vol. 4

Vapor: Bitter Hops, Pink Peppercorn, Crushed Juniper Gas finish. Vol. 6

Above-Average Strength – Evenly distributed body and head high. Relaxed body, inspired thoughts, sensitivity to light and sound. Small amount of head pressure on the forehead with even less on the temples. Sessionable day to early evening smoke that will leave you feeling nominally impaired.
Cookies x Traditional Melted Sherb Bonafide Dispensary
Cookies and Traditional collab for their most recent Gelato offering, Melted Sherb. This was picked up from Bonafide Maywood, who always has a killer selection of premium exotic cannabis and the new new. Breaking into Melted Sherb, you should immediately notice a strong musky fruit escape from the pack even before you dig your nose in. As your draw closer, notice the little bits of cheese here and there, but don’t be surprised if the fabric softeners and mint overwhelm.
Cookies x Traditional Melted Sherb Bonafide Weed Dispensary
By opening your mouth a bit while smelling inside the bag you’ll β€œtaste” a little bit of rubber coming through. Breaking down the bud releases crumbs of stone fruit, albeit a bit more feral than before. The buds in my pack were on the smaller side, completely covered in kief, and its structure reminded me a lot of Lemon Cherry Gelato crosses although I’ve been told that the two are genetically distinct. While the bud doesn’t have much stick, it does leave behind a refreshing scent on the fingers. Smoke is a little heavy on the throat, but not so much on the lungs, Melted Sherb expresses a flavor profile that clearly screams Gelato on the palate: Oiled leather, spiced pepper and artificial cheez are a little off-putting, but tart gas, and a fresh tennis ball with a red Twizzlers finish on the make up for it. The retrohale really accentuates the notes of rubber and waxy fruit.
Cookies x Traditional Melted Sherb Bonafide weed dispensary

Vapor is a bit more on the medicinal herb side – bitter and camphorous. Spicy peppercorn, raw hops are up front and present throughout the inhale and exhale. The finish is a bit gassy, while crushed juniper berries round out the profile.

Potency is relatively strong, and unless your job will let you sit in Zoom meetings with your camera off all day or work on something artistic, I’d recommend you leave this one for the weekend or when you have time to relax as it can creep up as dreamy and dazed, although inspired and creative.

Melted Sherb soes what it can but my man Gary Payton and London Pound Cake still reign supreme as my favorite Cookies cultivars, as I’ve had some incredible batches that just blew me away. This one, for me, not so much.

Cookies x Traditional Melted Sherb Bonafide weed dispensary

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